Creating Your Film Review Blog (& your 1st post)

All of your reviews, evaluations, or essays will need to be loaded onto your personal Blog (PDF here: Blogging Rules 8-24-16.

  • Create a simple blog using or your favorite blogging platform.wordpress-f9b395b5491efc60ec0226b62b948650c9af728b2584566a15bedacf2be53bd1
  • Create a name for your blogsite that would reflect a Movie/Film review site (examples – Real to Reel, Moving Images, Reely Smart Reviews, Popcorn Feminist, Movie Madness, Cine-View, etc.). Find something creative, fun, unique that fits you while also letting your audience know it is a film review site.
  • Your first blog post should be focused on you and your movie history/bio. Please name the entry –“What Film Means to Me” (minimum of 300-500 words). You should offer some background about  – who you are, and some of your favorite & least favorite film genres, films and filmmakers (you can select actors, actresses, directors, composers, effects artists … your choice). You want your reader to get a great snapshot of how you view and perceive filmmaking. You can choose any writing style for this assignment.

Your “What Film Means to Me”  blog post should also contain:


  • A photo or an avatar representing you.
  • At least (3) Three additional photos (either of films or filmmakers mentioned  in your post, or something visually representing your “What Film Means to Me”” post).
  • At least (3) three hyperlinks.
  • At least (3) three tags (ideas: your name, your blog name, your film names, hometown, etc.).
  • Date at the end of the post.
  • Optional: A multimedia embedded file (video or audio).
  • Enable comments for your posts.

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