The Screenplay: The Blueprint Matters (Ch 2)

Writing is a challenge to many, and yet a gift to others. Where do you fall within that scale? In the middle? At the top? The bottom? No matter where we are, we are drawn to stories (real or imaginary), to characters, and to the lives enveloped by conflict. Check out this video to explore the “simple truth of writing.”

The screenplay is truly one piece of the movie-making puzzle that is essential before the project can really get moving. There are three types of scripts that are purchased: The standard script, the spec script, and the adapted script. Please read R.B. Jefferson’s article:

What is A Screenplay and Why is it so Important?


After reading this short article, watch (or listen) to one of the following interviews with three screenwriters.

Oscar-winning screenwriter Aaron Sorkin discuss the craft of writing for TV and the silver screen in the Dan Rather AXS Tv Interview:


Oscar-winner Emma Thompson is know for her brilliant acting talent, but many are not aware of her screenwriting prowess. Here she talks screenwriting, acting, story, and character.

Ami Fuller Brown lives in Southport, NC and discovered a gift for writing several years ago, and discovered a gift for screenwriting and script consultation. Here, she shares her screenwriting history and philosophy.



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