(Ch. 6) Creating a Title for your Review

  • When you create a title for your film review or evaluation, you should become a critical thinker and get creative with your words.
  • If your review was a news story -what would the headline look like?
  • Think about a click bate phrase that you may see online
  • Find a way to draw your reader in –tease your thoughts on the review.
  • Play around with the title of the film
  • Offer a snapshot of your thoughts; tell your readers what your going to tell them .. before you tell them.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

1.The Girl on a Train Derails in Second Act vs. The Girl on a Train Stays on Track in Mystery Thriller.

  1. Deep Water Horizon a Disaster in More Ways Than One vs. Mark Wahlberg Overcomes Disastrous Directing in Deep Water Horizon

3. Storks Delivers Family Friendly Message vs. Storks = Crash Landing Chaos


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