(ch.7) Looks Like a Disaster to Me

outbreak-hoffmanDisaster Films are sometimes a sub-genre of Science Fiction, but not always. These films focus on some type of physical devastation (to property, humanity, the environment, or a world).

Catastrophes can take many different forms – but they are mostly man-made or natural. They can be either impending or ongoing, or they can exist locally or globally. The most commonly portrayed disasters in films are:

  • Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tidal waves, etc.).into_the_storm_2014_film
  • Accidents (skyscraper fires, plane crashes, ocean liners capsized or struck by icebergs).
  • Biological/Environmental – viruses unleashed, the Earth fights back against humanity.
  • Nuclear-related crises (usually related to man made war).
  • Criminally-instigated (bombs planted in planes, terrorist conspiracies).
  • Failed technology or technology-gone crazy (computers running amok or machines vs. man).
  • Extra-Planetary-related (asteroids or meteors off-course).
  • Alien invasions and rampaging creatures (often mutant).
  • Apocalyptic (the end of the world as we know it tales).




Reference: Content is courtesy of –

Dirks, T. (n.d.). Disaster films. Retrieved from http://www.filmsite.org/disasterfilms.html



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