(Ch. 9) YouTube –Soundcloud- Twitter Reviews

chris-deepCreating Your  Video and Audio Channel

We talked earlier in the semester about how to address TV and Youtube audiences. But in regards to building a portfolio –Youtube is a great way to do this. It truly takes only five steps: 1. Create a user account 2. Create a movie review page (with youtube tools) 3. See a movie 4. Write a review 5. Upload a video review

Film Critic Chris Stuckmann reviews Hacksaw Ridge

This same concept can be done with a podcast accountant(an audio review). Most desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and smartphones have options for recording audio. So use the same concepts we’ve already covered as it relates to freeform or structured reviews and find an audio hosting site like soundcloud.com to store your reviews. Many of these sites offer free options as well.

Here is an example of a Soundcloud (freeform) review with film critic Jay Forry.


How to Write a Review for Twitter : Scale it down to the very basics –you have a 140 characters (letters and spaces) to share film name, your thoughts, and grade (or opinion) –it is more difficult than it sounds. It takes practice and editing.twitter-1

Examples: “For some reason while grinning through the adolescent terror-action-flick of London Has Fallen I realized I liked it a lot more than the original.”

“The screening of Michael Haneke’s riveting “Amour” left me in a foul mood. It contains the most symbolic pigeon I’ve ever seen in a movie…”

“The Carrie remake was the most useless repeat of any film I’ve seen since Gus Van San’s Psycho. Only redemption in #carrieremake = prom scene destruction”

strange“#Tomhanks Capt. Phillips is intense, powerful and the best dramatic adventure of the year A+”

“#badgrandpa is gross, inappropriate, crude and one of the funniest films I’ve seen all year #notforthekids #barfbag necessary”

“Tom Cruise is Mr. Chaos in the political-infused #JackReacher film sequel. #PerfectActionFlick.”

“If you want excellent and original comedy – then  run away from “Keeping up with the Joneses.” Worst attempt at humor this year.”



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