(Ch.9)Blogging, Reviewing for Free or $

Getting Started with A Film Reviewing Career

  • Take an AP High School or college course on film-criticismbuxen3zceaa_wfs-jpg-medium
  • Write
  • Watch a ton of movies (in numerous genres from various years)
  • Write your thoughts about these films
  • Research film history
  • Practicing writing actual movie reviews
  • Read other critics reviews
  • Write more reviews
  • Explore Freelance opportunities (newspapers, magazines, websites, blogs).
  • Contact the editor and offer examples of your work. An opportunity may exist –look for it.
  • Write for free if you have to.
  • Getting your work out there is the important thing.
  • Write some more
  • Build a portfolio of reviews (like you’re doing in this class) –because potential employers will ask for it
  • Get a job. Make some money. Meet movie stars.images


Starting Your Own Website or Blog

  • Choose a name that no one else is using.
  • Make sure it is memorable and easy to spell.
  • Don’t make up a word for the sake of creativity or originality.
  • If your reviews are genre specific, play with the title (examples: If you only review horror try “Fright Flicks” or for superhero films try “Hero Happenings” or for Christian films try “Acts of Faith”).
  • Only use your personal name in the url title when you’ve made it big.
  • Build an audience by connecting, liking and following other like-minded lovers of film.


Website or Blog Design – things to know (once you start churning out regular reviews):first-showing

  • Always make sure that new releases are easy to find.
  • Include your grading system on the front page.
  • Offer a Search Function for movies.
  • Tag your reviews.
  • Keep and maintain relevant Top Ten list.
  • Use images or video (after all film is visual) at least three per review.
  • Make it as easy as possible for your audience to find what they need.
  • Remember that not everyone will agree with you… so don’t get upset by others criticizing your opinions.
  • Additionally: you can offer outlook for weekend’s new releases and box office results (or a link).



Null, C. (2005). Five stars!: How to become a film critic, the world’s greatest job. San Francisco, CA: Sutro Press.


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