(ch.9) It’s a Reel Small World After All

Written in 2014 – the impact 0f global cinema continues to influence studios and choices. This will offer a great overview (and history lesson for international distribution)


by Noel T. Manning II

Although computers, iPads, smart phones, and mobile communications devices are making it ever so easy to view the medium of film anywhere and anytime one wishes, it is still a packed movie theatre where laughs echo down the aisles and screams of terror shake the rows of seats. It is here within the curtained walls where sights and sounds combine to invite and entertain millions around the globe. Film allows individuals a collective opportunity to experience cultures, explore new worlds, and engage in stories of hundreds of nations all around the world. Even with theatre admission prices rising (especially 3D and IMAX formats), the movie going experience is still considered one of the most affordable entertainment options for consumers (Huffington Post, March 30, 2012).Crowd watching a movie --- Image by © Daniel Koebe/Corbis

The name Hollywood itself is synonymous with filmmaking, and while Hollywood may actually refer to a singular location in California, the…

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