Final Exam Prep

youtube-channelYour final exam will be in the form of a free form radio interview (one on one). I had originally planned to do this in class on Dec. 8, but I’ve had to adjust it (I’ll explain why on Dec. 1). I will schedule a time with each of you between Dec. 8-16. This will be an oral exam and should take you between 20-45 minutes to complete. You will have a list of films to choose from (available here) for the exam and the following materials will be fair game.

If you would like to go ahead and schedule a time please email me.

  1. Be able to offer brief description of the story of the film (with no spoilers).large_mv5bmtq5nzy2nzg4of5bml5banbnxkftztgwmdewmzi0nte_-_v1__sx1237_sy649_
  2. Identify the driving story question.
  3. Identify the inciting incident.
  4. Identify the protagonist(s) and the forces of antagonism (and/or the conflicts).
  5. Understand the different character conflicts and which best depict your selected film.
  6. Identify story arc (Freytag Formula).
  7. Identify which Blake Snyder formula best identifies the film (and be able to explain why).
  8. Identify character arcs, character development and characterization.
  9. Identify which literary hero best describes your main character and why.
  10. Identify the film genre that best describes the film. If it is a remake, biopic or adaptation, you should acknowledge that as well.
  11. Examine strengths and weaknesses.
  12. Examine the technical aspects of the film (acting, cinematography, sound design, music, writing, visual effects, etc.).
  13. Who are the key players (actors, directors, composers, etc.)?
  14. If you reviewed the DVD/Blu-Ray identify bonus features.
  15. Offer any trivia or additional background on film or talent for bonus points.

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