(Module 2) Response Post due Jan. 25

Response post (story, character, baggage) due Jan. 25 11:59 pm: After checking out Module 2 on story, character, writing a more concise summary,  the inciting incident, baggage (and other materials) …

Address (Section 1 & 2)

Discussion Board Section 1 (address any two of the three questions): 

  1. What are some things that you feel will better prepare you as you begin to look at films in a more focused way?
  2. Was there anything new you learned from the information provided (on story and character), or did it serve as a refresher/reminder? Share those thoughts.
  3. Why does understanding the concepts of inciting incident help you to better understand character and story?

Discussion Board Section 2: Interview Engagements (address the following)

Engage with one of the featured  filmmakers in this module and offer three thoughts, lessons or messages you gained from the interview.

Featured Filmmakers include: Kelly Fremon Craig (screenwriter, The Edge of Seventeen), Pete Docter (Pixar), or Caitlyn Moran (screenwriter, How to Build a Girl).

You also have this due: 

Post your comments on Blackboard by the deadline



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