(Module 2) Understanding The Hero’s Journey


Well written and defined characters (in literature, TV of film) experience a real development and arc  (or at least they should). I would suggest using “The Hero’s Journey” as a guide as you explore the “character.” You may also find this helpful for your semester project. Joseph Campbell & Christopher Vogler have provided a wonderful approach to exploring and evaluating the “Arc of the Protagonist” and the impact of secondary characters. There is also an interesting perspective on “the journey” itself.

This guide is a must for anyone interested in understanding “character.”

You should print out the document attached to this link; you will need it to help guide you for your semester project: Understanding the Hero’s Journey Arc



Schoder, W. (2016, November 23). Every Story is the Same. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LuD2Aa0zFiA


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