(Module 4) Creating a Title for your Review

  • When you create a title/headline for your film review or evaluation, you should become a critical thinker and get creative with your words.
  • If your review was a news story -what would the headline look like?
  • Think about a click-bait phrase that you may see online.
  • Find a way to draw your reader (VIEWER OR LISTENER) in  & tease your thoughts on the review.
  • Play around with the title of the film.
  • Offer a snapshot of your thoughts; tell readers what you are going to tell them .. before you tell them.


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  • A Marvel-ous Superheroine Origin Story Challenges All Genders to Reconsider Limitations (Captain Marvel) … or 
  • Brie Larson Crashes and Burns in MCU’s Captain Marvel
  • Taraji P. Henson is funny, charming and introspective in the remake “What Men Want” … or
  • What Men Want is a Wasted Remake of the Golden Globe Winning Original
  • The Girl on a Train Derails in Second Act … or
  • The Girl on a Train Stays on Track in Mystery Thriller.
  • Skyscraper  = a Disaster in More Ways Than One … or
  •  Dwayne Johnson Overcomes Disastrous Directing in Deep Water Horizon
  •  Storks Delivers Family Friendly Message… or
  • Storks = Crash Landing Chaos
  • Baby Driver is a Wreck … or
  • Baby Driver Delivers Chasin’, Racin’ and Steady Pacin’
  • The Hitman’s Bodyguard hits the mark with precision comedy … or
  • There’s No Protection for the recycled jokes in the Hitman’s Bodyguard
  • The Emoji Movie = LOL funny… or
  • The Emoji Movie was Thumbs Down Awful
  •  Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom should have remained buried in the stone age… or
  • Chris Pratt Offers Monster-sized Performance in Action-adventure Sequel

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