Module 4 – Announcements, Assignments and Expectations


Hello Film Crew,

I appreciate the thoughtful engagement from many of you (both in discussion boards and review assignments). Keep it up. I will continue to provide feedback on your discussion board posts and on your first assignments. You should be able to find my comments in the gradebook/discussion board when I supply them. My plan is to offer thoughts for your review assignments within a one to two-week window.

Module Four Topics to Explore – Feb. 3-9

All topics will be part of discussion board engagement and provide foundation for our course moving forward.


Coming Attractions

The dialogue/response post on engagements in Module 4 is due Feb. 8 by 11:59. pm. (Check Blackboard for the discussion board questions).

Due Feb. 9 Assignment: The 50+ Interview – Interview someone over 50-years old and write (500-word minimum) or record (between four-six minutes) report/story capturing your subject’s movie history, (start-up/sample questions to be provided) and post the final draft to your blog/podcast/video channel. Email link or doc to me before deadline.

Semester Project Notes: By this point (Feb. 11), you should already have a semester project approved by me along with at least three support films for the project. By Feb. 12, you need to Identify 4 – 6 (four-six) strong sources for your semester project (print, online articles, audio, video sources are acceptable). Do not use Wikipedia. If you use IMBD, you should still add 4-6 more sources. If you need guidance, ask me.  Remember your dates and guidelines can all be found on our Blackboard semester project guidelines.

Film Review Assignment due Feb. 16 (11:59 PM): You should select one film from the bank of films listed in the Blackboard assignment folders for Adaptations, Biopics, true story films, or those focusing on screenplay.

For your next film evaluation, you should especially examine cinematography, color theory and the importance of story (and any universal life lessons or themes present).

The review should be between 400-800 words (three-eight minutes).  Email the doc or link to the film blog, podcast or video review channel by Feb. 16 (11:59 PM).


Note: NO early work accepted before the materials in Module 5 (cinematography and color theory) are live.  No late work accepted without prior permission.

You should use the 600-word review template as a model; explore the “title creation” process as well as the thoughts on developing credibility in reviewing (all found in module 4).

Due Feb. 23Assignment: Submit an annotated bibliography on your semester project. Check out the side nav menu in Blackboard or the film critic blog on the topic for more details.

Please reach out to me if you ever have questions or need guidance.

For now, that’s a wrap.

Noel T. Manning II



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