Module 5 Filmmaker Interactions

In this module we’re exploring adaptations, biopics, and based on true story films (among others). Many of these films also fall into “period film” categories which will explore more in future modules. The filmmakers featured here have created films connected to one or more of these categories.

I invite you to take a look and listen and discover the work it takes to bring these films to life.

Sarah Megan Thomas

World War II films are not that unusual, but “A Call to Spy” is not a typical period war film. Sarah Megan Thomas is the writer, producer and co-star of this film, and she shares why this film was important for her to make on this episode of Open Dialogue. “A Call to Spy” is currently available through numerous home viewing platforms. To find out where you can view this film, visit: Footage is used by permission from IFC Films.

Paul Ireland

Filmmaker Paul Ireland chats with Noel T. Manning II about his second feature film, Measure for Measure. This modern adaptation of a Shakespeare work was not without its own tragedies and challenges. Paul shares that and more on this edition of Cinemascene.

Angus MacFayden

Scottish actor Angus MacFadyen had his feature film breakthrough as Robert the Bruce in the Oscar-winning Braveheart. In 2020, he revisits that role in a film that he also served as screenwriter. Noel T. Manning II interviews McFadyen on this episode of Cinemascene as they retrace the journey into bringing the biographical figure back to life on screen in the feature film Robert the Bruce.

Jonathan Jakubowicz 

Jonathan Jakubowicz researched, wrote a directed an epic film capturing the little-known story of the legendary mime Marcel Marceau and his work with the French resistance during WWII. On this week’s Cinemascene, Jakubowicz shares the story behind making this miracle of a film – Resistance (starring Jesse Eisenberg in the lead role).


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