Module 5 Overview

Hello Film Crew –

When we think of film, we are immediately reminded that it is a visual medium. This week, we will explore cinema through the lens of the camera and cinematography. We will discover the importance and uses of “camera framing”, the “impact of color-theory”, and began to examine film categories like Drama, Biopics, Documentary, and based on true story films. You will also learn the best ways to evaluate and review film remakes and sequels. You’ll get a chance to hear from Oscar-winning cinematographers and explore adaptations, and discover why there is very little originality in Hollywood films. We will also invite you to explore what “not to do” when reviewing films.

You are also invited to a Film Studies Zoom meet and greet well-check session. We’ll talk about future film evaluations, the upcoming annotated bibliography, the semester projects, benefits you may be gaining so far, and challenges and concerns you may be facing. This is your time, so come with questions or dialogue you may want to have.  

I will plan to record this session as well, and if you would rather schedule a one on one, please let me know.  Zoom Meeting: Thursday, Feb. 11, 6:00 PM. Check blackboard for link instructions.

Please let me know if you have questions.

Noel T. Mannning II,


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