(Module 5) Dialogue/Response Post Assignment (Due Feb. 15)


After you dive into all the topics of Module 5, you will need to address the following response/dialogue topics and post your feedback at the bottom of this Dialogue page (or email/message me with your comments if they don’t post). Answer any three of the following:

Questions for Consideration (Due Feb. 15, 11:59 pm):

  1. Based on the reading of “The Camera” what framing techniques did you discover (or rediscover) that may help you the most in critiquing films. Offer an example. What else did you gain from that reading that you feel is important? Why?
  1. After engaging in section titled “Cinematographers tell their Story” – describe what impressed (or intrigued you) the most after watching or listening to one of the award-winning cinematographers. You must identify which cinematographer or video/audio file you engaged.
  1. After engaging in the sections “Understanding Adaptations”, “Drama, Reality and Documentary,” and “Evaluating Remakes and Sequels” choose one topic or element that surprised you, intrigued you, or that you feel will truly help you in your understanding of cinema critique. Always defend your answer with “why you feel that way.”

4. After exploring color theory” in this chapter, name a recent film you’ve seen and identify the color-scheme that was used (throughout the film or in a particular scene) and explain what the color represented. How will understanding the use of color-themes in film help you understand the filmmakers/director’s intent.



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