(Module 6) Music and Sound Response Post due Feb. 22

Due Feb. 22 (by 11:59 pm) – Read and engage in all materials for Module 6 and listen to at least one of the interviews with a featured film composer in this chapter. Address any four of the following questions and post in the Blackboard discussion board response for this module. If you answer all five, you may earn bonus points for this assignment.

  1. What are your thoughts on the Blind Film Critic Jay Forry after exploring his interviews & his life? What life lesson can you gain from him?
  2. What is most fascinating to you about the use of sound, silence and music based on the lesson? Defend your answer. Explain how that will assist you in evaluation of cinema with examples.
  3. What did you find interesting or new about The Musical?” Why ?Defend your answer.
  4. What did you find interesting or intriguing about the work of sound designer Midge Costin (or the documentary Making Waves)?

5. Address the following questions after listening to one of our featured composer interviews and respond at the bottom of this post:

A. Address the interview you listened to.

B. Name at least 2 films from the composer.

C. What did you learn about film composing from this individual, or what fascinated you about the filmmaker’s approach to composing (either in general or for a specific film)?


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