Module 7: Discussion Board Response Post

DUE March 2 (11:59 pm) – After reading and engaging in the articles, videos, interviews and other materials for Module 7 on Acting and comedy: Address one question from each section and post to Blackboard before the deadline. Make sure you engage with critical thought in your responses.  If you answer additional questions you may gain bonus points.

Part 1: Address one of the following Comedy questions before the deadline and post to the Blackboard discussion board.

  1. Comedy: Using your understanding of the lesson on comedy  – including the understanding of the “Humor Styles Survey,” “Comedy Subgenres,” and the other elements offered in the module – offer a response to who you believe is the “best comic film talent you’ve ever seen on film. Provide a defense (and examples) of “why.” You must support your reasons with critical understanding and observations (of this module). Is the acting more of a slapstick comedy act, linguistic based (dialogue-driven), dark comedy, etc. ? Remember, your answer should be more than “I just like …” Defend your selection. Questions for consideration: Why is this talent funny? What are some of the films they’ve starred in? What types of reactions does this talent get from box office, critics and audiences? When/how did they get started in comedy? Who were their comedy influences? Do they always perform comedy, or do they stretch their acting chops?
  2. Comedy: What surprised you? What did you learn or what was reinforced about your understanding of humor and comedy? After exploring the “Four Senses of Humor” – where do you find yourself on the “types of humor scale” after taking the “Humor Survey?” Do you agree with the survey? Was that spot on with your thoughts of “senses of humor” or did it surprise you? How will understanding the elements of the “comedy lessons” help you through your evaluations of comedy?

Part 2: Address one of the following questions about acting before the deadline and post to the Blackboard discussion board.

  1. What did you learn about acting that you didn’t know before (or that was reinforced)? Point to a particular point in the module. How do you feel that will change the way you view, and review films? Why?
  2. As a rising film critic, what do you find to be the most challenging about evaluating “good acting?” Why? Offer a real-world example and tie it to a lesson from the module.

Part 3: Watch or listen to this module’s acting talents or the featured film critic (Matt Brunson) and address one of the following questions on Blackboard before the deadline.

  1. Based on an interview with one of the acting talents in this module, what did you find most intriguing or interesting about their approach to filmmaking/acting. Why? You must identify which actor this post is addressing.
  2. What did you gain from listening to film critic Matt Brunson about approaches to film criticism? How will this bring benefit and clarity to your approach to evaluating cinema?  

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