(Module 8) Response Post (due March 8 by 11:59 pm)

Due March 8 before 11:59 pm  – Engage in the articles in Chapter 8 on Editing: The Invisible Artform, the International impact of cinema,   What is Indie Film , Backwoods meets Hollywood,  and Tips for Reviewing Foreign-Language films.  You should also engage in the filmmaker interviews (then answer any four of the questions on this page below the interviews). Answering more than four questions may earn you extra credit.

Mageina Tovah is a film, and TV actress and she’s written, produced, directed and starred in this award-winning indie short film Hux”. 

Below, you will find an interview with Mageina and a look at the short film as well.

  1. Share some things  that you found interesting about independent filmmaking or indie filmmaker Earl Owensby after the readings.  Why did you find it intriguing? 
  2. Share something you found beneficial about exploring the invisible art of editing. Is there an example of a recent film that you’ve seen where “editing” truly impacted the story? What was the film and how did it click for you? 
  3. Share something that you found interesting about the international film market after the readings and why that is important to understanding film, film appreciation and criticism? 
  4. Based on the reviewing tips for Foreign Language films, what will help you the most and why? Offer an example.
  5. After listening to interviews with the international filmmakers, what are some introspective thoughts you gained? How will that help in understanding film and film appreciation? Name the filmmaker you watched/listened to.
  6. Share something that you found interesting about filmmaker Mageina Tovah from the interview? Also you should share some thoughts about her short film Hux that is linked on this page. 

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