(Module 9) Visual Effects

Today we take computer generated effects for granted, but if we look at the credits at the end of a major effects-driven film, we will see the massive team involved in bringing the digital worlds and digital creatures to life. Take a look at the future of the GGI arts here:

CGI has no become commonplace, but it can also be used in ways beyond creating “characters.” This video shows that some CGI effects impact set design, subtle prop changes, and more. You may be surprised what you find here.

But before CGI,  special effects were created with models, reverse editing, puppets, chewing gum and jello.  Here, Cinefix explores some practical effects that can fool the eyes and the mind.

The Academy Awards began recognizing special effects in filmmaking nearly seven decades ago, here’s a visual look into the history of some of these award-winners.


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