(Module 9) Response Post


Response Post Assignment for Module 9 (due March 16 before 11:59 pm)

There are two parts to this response post; make sure you address both sections. 

  • Engage in all of the materials for Module 9 including these sections:
  1. Visual Effects
  2. The Fiction that is Science
  3. Looks like a Disaster to Me
  4. We Are All Superheroes (why-superheroes-matter
  5. The Event that is the Blockbuster
  6. Interviews with Special Effects Artists
  7. Superhero films for consideration and Sci-Fi films for consideration
  8. Filmmaker Engagements (disaster, action, epic and war films)
  9. The Life of the Hollywood Stunt-person
  10. TONE AND VOICE … How do you find it?
  11. Reviewing for Print, Online, Radio, Podcasts, and TV
  12. Interview with a Critic: Sean O’Connell 


Part 1: Address FOUR of the following writing prompts. If you address more, you may gain extra credit:

  1. What insight did you gain from the history of special effects/disaster films (digital or otherwise)?
  2. How has your understanding of science fiction changed after reading the material? If it hasn’t changed, what was reinforced?
  3. As you explored the reading  “Why Superheroes Matter” – defend or dispute those thoughts from your standpoint.
  4. What was the most engaging aspect of understanding the Blockbuster or Event film? Why? How will that assist in reviewing films for you?
  5. How was your engagement with exploring the “Stuntworker”  – what was the most fascinating or intriguing? Why?
  6. What reviewing techniques/benefits did you gain from exploring “Tone and Voice” and “reviewing for TV, podcasts, online audiences?” Will this change they way you approach evaluating or delivering your reviews? Why or why not? 

Part 2: Interview engagements: Address any ONE of the following. Addressing more than one may gain you additional points.  

  1. After engaging in one of the interviews with special effects artists (Matt Johnson, Trey Brown or the team behind Alita: Battle Angelwhat did you find most fascinating or intriguing. Why? Name the interview you engaged.
  2. After engaging with filmmakers connected to sci-fi, disaster, action, war, adventure films what did you find most fascinating or intriguing? Why? Name the interview you checked out (Simon West, The cast/crew of Midway, Rod Lurie “The Outpost”). 
  3. After engaging with Film Critic (and author) Sean O’Connell, what did you find most fascinating or intriguing? Why? 

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