Module 10 Overview

As you explore module 10, you’ll continue to get deeper into the craft crew who bring films to life. You’ll find several interviews, video engagements, a documentary exploring an abandoned nuclear power plant turned under water studio, you’ll have an opportunity to submit a film review, and a discussion board to engage. You’re just a few weeks away from your deadline for your semester project as well, so I encourage you to stay on target.

I will have optional Zoom meetings each Thursday at 6 PM for anyone interested. Just let me know in advance and I’ll log on. You can also email me to secure a one on one at any point to cover any topics we’re covering, or to dive into your semester project at a deeper level.

Here’s a module overview for this week:

Coming Attractions:

Option 1: Submit a review on science fiction, superhero or epic film 

Option 2: Explore and review an “Indie” film or International films

You should pay special attention into any visual effects or scenic interactions that make the film “epic” or sci-fi, fantasy or disaster-related.  

You should also examine costume design, production design, and location choices.

Submit on your blog (400 -1500 words) or your video/podcasting platforms (four-six minutes). 

Follow the guidelines here.

Email or call me if you have questions or concerns.

For this week, that’s a wrap.

Noel T. Manning II


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