(Module 11) Response Post due: March 30 before 11:59 pm.

Response Post due: March 30,  before 11:59 pm.

Engage in all chapter 11 materials:

Types of Horror Films

What Makes Horror?

What is a Mystery Film?

The Suspense of Hitchcock

Mystery/Suspense Films Worth Considering 

Blogging & Reviewing

The Blumhouse Impact on Horror

Stephen King: The Grandmaster of Horror

Film Critics and Film Scholars Talk “Horror”

Filmmaker Interactions Exploring Elements of Horror

Address any FIVE of the following questions (your response posts should be at least 100 words per question). Answering all six may gain you bonus points.

  1. Based on the readings, which end of the horror spectrum do you fall (name the category)? What horror films are you drawn to, or which ones do you stay away from? Why?
  2. What insights did you gain from reading about the history and roots of the horror and mystery genres? Or, what knowledge was enhanced or strengthened? Why? How will that benefit you in reviewing?
  3. Some argue that certain suspense/mystery films cross into the horror category. After engaging in the readings (and videos), defend why that statement could be true. Provide an example of a film you may have seen that would match the criteria. Why do you feel this crosses genres?
  4. Watch the interviews with Remi Weeks (His House) and Hayden J. Weal (Dead). What insights did you gain about filmmaking and horror? Identify which filmmaker you engaged.5. After watching the interview with Nathan Rouse and Reed Lackey (Fear of God podcast) and Dr. Steve Schlozman, offer some insights you gained on horror. Identify the subject of the interview you are responding to.

    6. Why does the impact of Alfred Hitchcock still provide impact and influence to filmmakers today? Based on the Hitchcock reading and the interview with HItchcock Scholar Laurent Bouzereau.

    7. Offer some insights from any of the following:

A. the video segments (on horror and/or mystery) “How to Make a Horror Film”, “J.J. Abrams: The Mystery Box,”

B. The articles and video on Jason Blum of Blumhouse and Stephen King.


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