Module 12 – Filmmaker interactions

Jonathan Jakubowicz researched, wrote a directed an epic film capturing the little known story of the legendary mime Marcel Marceau and his work with the French resistance during WWII. On this week’s Cinemascene, Jakubowicz shares the story behind making this miracle of a film – Resistance (starring Jesse Eisenberg in the lead role).

Set in the summer of 1939, the IFC film Six Minutes to Midnight explores secrets, mysteries and a chaotic time in the world when an imminent war is in sight.  A missing teacher, daughters of Nazi leaders, a girl’s school in a coastal English town, and spies around every corner are all on display in the World War II era film starring Judi Dench and Eddie Izzard.

Today on Open Dialogue Noel T. Manning II interviews Andy Goddard (director, co-writer) and Celyn Jones (co-writer, actor). They offer insights on bringing this period story to the screen and the message and meaning of why this film matters for today’s audiences.

On this edition of Meet Me at the Movies & Cinemascene from early in 2019, Noel T. Manning II interviews three-time Emmy nominee Michael Kelly about his life as an actor, his initial interest in the artform, and wisdom from his Mom. In show business since 1994, Kelly has appeared in over 55 films and television series.


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