Ch. 14 Dialogue and Response


Post your dialogue response to this assignment on April 20 (by 11:59 PM) at the bottom of the assignment page.

After engaging in Chapter 14 resources covering Family films, animation,  Children films, YA and Coming of Age Films, filmmaker interviews, film critic Jackie K. Cooper, and the Ten-Minute review concept  – address three of the following questions before the deadline. You should write 100-200 words for each response and submit to the Blackboard discussion board.

  1. What do you feel is the most important element of film criticism techniques (or lessons) you gained from the Jackie K. Cooper interview? Why or how can that help you in evaluating film?
  1. What insights did you gain from the filmmaker interviews focused on animation, children or family films?
  2. What insights did you gain from the YA/Coming of Age engagement?
  1. Based on the videos, articles and/or interviews – what did you find most interesting about history/interactions of  family films, children’s films, animated films? Why?



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