Final Review Assignment: April 28


Due  April 28 (11:59 PM)

  • Blog/Podcast/Video Review Assignment: Submit a review on a family, children’s, coming of age, animation, or “Year You were Born Film” 

Write a Review (55o word minimum or five-ten minute podcast or Youtube video)using the techniques and expectations we’ve engaged so far this semester. Engage in the guidelines for the “Ten Minute Review” to take notes. Your writing/delivery style and voice for this assignment is completely up to you, just make sure you cover the elements I’ve come to expect from you in a review assignment (from story summary to the technical aspects – with examples and defense).

I do want you to offer and engaging title for your review, solid introduction and conclusion(along with the MPA rating and your official scorecard grade). Remember to examine the strengths and weaknesses with examples and defense.

The final review can be posted to your film journal blog, soundcloud channel, Youtube channel or emailed to me in a word doc, Google doc. or PDF (extra credit may be applied if you incorporate audio clips, video clips, images, etc.).

The choices for the final review can come from:



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