Creating Your Film Review Blog (and your 1st assignment) – Due Saturday, Feb. 2 – 11:59 pm

**Post a link of your blog in the comments section at the end of this post and on our Bb site**

All of your reviews, evaluations, or featured essays for this class will need to be loaded onto your personal Blog. This blog will become your portfolio of work.  

  • Create a simple blog using .wordpress-f9b395b5491efc60ec0226b62b948650c9af728b2584566a15bedacf2be53bd1
  • Create a name for your blogsite that would reflect a Movie/Film review site (examples – Make Mine a Movie, Real to Reel, Moving Images, Reely Smart Reviews, The Run-Down on Movies, Popcorn Feminist, Movie Madness, Cine-View, Rated G for Guberman, etc.). Find something creative, fun, unique that fits your personality, while also allowing your audience to know it is a film-related site.
  • Your first blog post should be focused on you and your movie history/bio. Please name the entry “What Film Means to Me” (minimum of 400-600 words). You should offer some background about: who you are, and some of your favorite & least favorite film genres, films and filmmakers (you can select actors, actresses, directors, composers, effects artists … your choice). You should also explore thoughts about the first films you remember watching (in theatres or at home). You want your reader to get a great snapshot of how you view and perceive filmmaking. You can choose any writing style for this assignment.

Your “What Film Means to Me”  blog post should also contain:


  • A photo or an avatar representing you.
  • At least (3) Three additional photos (either of films or filmmakers mentioned  in your post, or something visually representing your “What Film Means to Me”” post).
  • At least (3) three hyperlinks.
  • At least (3) three keyword tags for searching purposes (ideas: your name, your blog name, your film names, hometown, etc.).
  • Date and your name at the end of the post.
  • Optional: A multimedia embedded file (video or audio).
  • Enable comments for your posts.

Post a link to your site in Bb and at the end of this post by Feb. 2.

Here are samples from previous film students:collage

Alice Bryd:

Jen Guberman:

Mallory Moore –

Sample audio embed file above

WordPress GUIDANCE: We will use WordPress as the primary site for posting a variety of evaluation and critical thinking responses, as well as applied research work. I will provide you guidelines and expectations each week and for each assignment. We are using WordPress because it provides a creative, digital writing environment interface used by many professional writers and film reviewers—You will also gain experience formatting your writing and designing visual thoughts and layout. This creative environment will allow you to share and develop your thoughts throughout the semester in different ways. Your work here can also serve as potential portfolio materials for future research and or critical analysis.

Link to WordPress Privacy Settings:
Link to WordPress Accessibility Information:

General WordPress guide and resources:




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