(Ch. 1) Writing Assignment for Film Journal “Baggage” Due Feb. 10

For your personal film journal this week, I want you to explore your personal film baggage in more detail. You should have touched on it in your intro blog assignment “Me and Film”, but after engaging in this chapter (especially the article on “Baggage”), I want you to dive in deeper. Examine critically your positive and negative film baggage, and share that on your film journal. I also want you to address how you feel you can overcome the baggage (positive and negative) to provide a well-balanced film critique.

Title your post: What Film Baggage means to me and why.

Reminders: Add three photos, links, and tags to each original post on your personal Film Journal.

NOTE: When you are finished post a link (with your name) here. If you find you cannot post it for some reason, email or message me the link through blackboard. This is due no later than Feb. 10 (11:59 PM). 



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