Module 7 – Writing Assignment (Due March 9) *Option 1(acting)

Actors copy

Due March 9 (11:59 pm) For this week’s writing assignment, you have three options (You only need to select one):

Option 1: “Great Acting” Based on all the engagements within this chapter, write an original post examining who you feel is a great acting talent. Your post should be titled: “A Film Talent Worth Honoring.” You must defend reasons why this person deserves to be recognized. After you examine the videos, interviews and readings from this chapter, you should be able to offer a strong defense of your choice. Remember, it has to be more than “I just like her/him;” you need to back it up. Your writing, in part, should be based on these topics explored within this chapter including: natural vs. non-natural acting, Evaluating Acting and Listening to the Actors, Tips from Actors, and the Interviews on the response page.

This post should be 400-600 words and should also be based on your personal viewing and critical analysis, research you’ve conducted, or a combination of those.

As always, post to your site with tags, photos, and links.


Option 2: “Exploring Music”

Write film review (550-650 words) on a music-driven film (from this list).   Load onto your film journal blog & post the link here or email me. Use this rubric as your guide: musical-evaluation-rubric-2

SPECIAL NOTE: You must also address how music, sound and silence are used in your selected film. Find the examples here.

As always, post to your site with tags, photos, and links.


Option 3: “Best Acting Ever Review”

You may also choose to review a film (550-650 words) from 20 Great Performances Every Actor Should Watch or from this list featuring some of Hollywood’s best ever acting talent (talent and films listed here).  Use this 600-word-evaluation-rubric-2 if you select an “Acting-driven” film.

As always, post to your site with tags, photos, and links.


** When you’ve completed the assignment, post your blog link here or email it to me.


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