Dialogue and Response Assignment (Due March 22)

Research target

For the next week you should devote all of your time in this course conducting and organizing research for your semester project. You will have two focused assignments. NOTE: These assignments cannot wait until the last minute; it will take dedicated time and effort to complete these by the deadline:

Assignment 1  – Engaged Rose Library Assignment with dialogue/response post (Due March 22):

You should reach out to a staff member at the Rose Library (library@clevelandcc.edu , 704.669.4024, library.clevelandcc.edu) and ask for a tutorial and/or guidance on the use of online and physical resources and references. The Rose Library is located in the Jack Hunt Campus Center (1st Floor). You especially need to know how to access scholarly & peer reviewed materials, journal articles, magazine articles and trade publication articles. You should also ask for guidance on search tips (this will help you on your semester project research). The Rose Library will also offer guidance and/or tutorials on the use of writing a research paper in APA style format. This is the format I will require for the semester project (and this week’s writing assignment):

  • Times New Roman fonts should be used (although I will accept the alternate Georgia font).
  • Each line should be double spaced with one inch margins.
  • A running header with your name and paper title on the left.
  • Page numbers should be on the right.
  • Reference list entries must have a hanging indent.


In this week’s response post/dialogue section you need to address the following (and post your responses on this response page, or email them to me):

  1. Name of the staff member(s) who assisted you and the date and time you visited the Rose Library (in person, by phone or online).
  2. What was the most valuable information you received from the staff member or from exploring the research tools?
  3. How do you feel this will better assist and prepare you for this week’s written assignment or your semester project (and/or future research assignments)? Or, has it already? Offer an example.

College student studying at computer in library


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