Module 6 -Notes, Reminders, Assignments and Observations

Your dialogue/response post for this week will be due March 8. Included in those lessons is Blind Film Critic Jay Forry, The use of  sound, music and silence, as well as interviews with multiple film  composers (including Oscar winners) at the bottom of the response page, and an exploration of “The Musical.”  

Module 5 -Songs that Tell Stories

The following is a list (of user submitted) songs that tell stories with characters, conflict, resolution and sometimes settings, inciting incidents and a complete following of the Freytag Story Arc. 

Response Post: The Introduction

(Due Feb. 2) Explore the materials within Blackboard (Bb) and the Film Critics Website we’ll use ( including: Syllabus (Course Description Expectations)  Schedule Course Resources  Semester Project Overview Upcoming Readings & Assignments **After you have explored the Bb site, Our Film Critic site, and the available materials, address one of the following prompts. Copy the prompt, add…

Semester Project Expectations and Timelines

**An alternate source for this material is available upon request. You are to take the semester and evaluate one film in major detail on the AFI (American Film Institute) Top 100 Films of all time or one of the American Society of Cinematographers 100 Milestone Films.  Guidelines and expectations are listed below. Make sure that…

Ch. 15 Materials

Check Blackboard for access to this content: Module 15 Overview (Check support materials in Blackboard for the following) The Netflix/Amazon Impact The Future of Filmmaking, film viewing and film criticism Film in the post-pandemic world Due April 27 –Dialogue/Discussion Board: Explore readings & topics for this chapter, and respond to writing prompt. Due April 28 –Blog/Podcast/Video…

Ch. 14 -Film Critic Jackie K. Cooper

Film critic Jackie K. Cooper joins the crew for this week’s Meet Me at the Movies. We’ll get an inside look into what makes Jackie K., tick and we’ll review How to Build a Girl and the Netflix Original Spencer: Confidential.