Ron Howard: Films for Consideration

You may select one of the Ron Howard films for evaluation if you’d like.


(Ch. 13) Final Response Post -Due. Dec. 4

You will have two final prompts to address including one your personal blog site (Due. Dec. 4)

(ch. 13) Small Screen – Big Screen

Translating or adapting TV shows or characters to the big screen can be a pretty easy task for some filmmakers. They have built in characters, storylines, and (company) owned products (READ MORE)

Final Exam Film options

You may select from any of these films for your final exam movie review (free form radio review) – READ MORE

(Ch. 12) Response Post (due 11.20.16)

After checking out Chapter 12 “An Exploration of Comedy,” “Comedy & Cinema,” “Math & Mirth,” “Health & Humor” – and reading the (READ MORE)

(Ch. 12) Health & Humor

Laugh for the Health of It … Did you know? Humor and Laughing is healthy. It has been proven that laughter can actually heal the sick. Laughter is a Natural Tension Reducer. Laughter is considered internal jogging -it exercises your lungs and stimulates your cardiovascular system. Laughter serves as a pain-blocking agent. It distracts attention…

(Ch. 12) Comedy = Math

How do you measure something as complex and personal as humour? University of Alberta researchers have developed the first mathematical method of doing just that—and it might not be quite as personal as we think, says U of A psychology professor Chris Westbury. “We think that humour is personal, but evolutionary psychologists have talked about…