Module 3 Announcement

Module 3 … The Prologue: Concerns, problems and questions: When in doubt, if you’re struggling … contact me and we’ll talk about it.    Response/Dialogue Posts: Some of you should consider spending more time defending your thoughts and offering examples. Your dialogue grades could be impacted by lack of critical thought and engagement with these responses….

module 3: Critics Talk Film Criticism

There is no one single way to review, critique or evaluate films, but here are some tips from those (past and present) who offer tips, thoughts and ideas on how to get engaged in understanding film on a deeper level.

(Module 3) Film History 101

film has always been influenced by audience expectations, original ideas, talent, and technology. (READ MORE)

(Module 3) The Freytag Experiment

Gustav Freytag was a German novelist from the Nineteenth century who explored formulas in stories and novels (well before Blake Snyder and his “Save the Cat” series), and he found that similar narrative patterns existed (READ MORE)