Module 5 -Songs that Tell Stories

The following is a list (of user submitted) songs that tell stories with characters, conflict, resolution and sometimes settings, inciting incidents and a complete following of the Freytag Story Arc. 

Module 5 Overview

When we think of film, we are immediately reminded that it is a visual medium. This week, we will explore cinema through the lens of the camera and cinematography. We will discover the importance and uses …

Review Assignment 2 (Due Feb. 16)

Submit a review on an adaptation, biopic, based on a true story film, screenplay-driven film, or a film celebrating cinematography (film options are located on in modules 4&5 or by the links above. Once complete, email your document or link to …

Module 5 Filmmaker Interactions

In this module we’re exploring adaptations, biopics, and based on true story films (among others). Many of these films also fall into “period film” categories which will explore more in future modules. The filmmakers featured here have created films connected to one or more of these categories.