Ch. 14 -Film Critic Jackie K. Cooper

Film critic Jackie K. Cooper joins the crew for this week’s Meet Me at the Movies. We’ll get an inside look into what makes Jackie K., tick and we’ll review How to Build a Girl and the Netflix Original Spencer: Confidential.

Ch. 13 Meet Film Critic Nicole Ackerman

Nicole Ackman (from the Next Best Picture) joins Noel and Thomas Manning for this week’s Meet me at the Movies episode: 414. Nicole is a Blogger, YouTuber, Broadway World UK writer, University of London postgrad & lover of cinema and theatre.

Meet film critic Mallory Moore

Mallory Moore is a GWU alumna and has developed a deep love of film that she now shares through Elements of Madness …

Module 10 – Finding One’s Place: The Location Scout

One of the most often overlooked crew members is the location scout and the team who spends hours upon hours of searching for the “perfect” place to shoot scenes in a film. From the high school library used in the Breakfast Club, to the diner in Baby Driver, to Clark Kent’s farmhouse in Justice League

Module 10: The Costume Designer: It’s Not all About “Dress up”

The costume designer in film (TV or stage) is responsible for bringing to life any elements of clothing to the character that reflects a sense of place, time, or purpose. From WWII period uniforms in Saving Private Ryan, to the Mad Hatter’s hat in the fantasy world of Alice in Wonderland…