The Life of the Hollywood Stunt-person

Stuntmen are increasingly Hollywood’s go-to action directors
Some of today’s top action directors have doubled for Brad Pitt, Wolverine and Neo in “The Matrix.”

Module 7: Actors sharing their story

In this module we’ve explored acting in its various forms and the types of actors who are drawn to the arts. Here are several interviews with acting talents for you to explore. You will need to select one a discussion board response post for this module.

Module 5 Filmmaker Interactions

In this module we’re exploring adaptations, biopics, and based on true story films (among others). Many of these films also fall into “period film” categories which will explore more in future modules. The filmmakers featured here have created films connected to one or more of these categories.

Module 4 – Pauline Kael (Legendary film critic)

Pauline Kael was an arts and entertainment journalist for nearly 50-years. Her approach to film criticism gave birth to critical entertainment theories, and her engagement with filmmakers and film journalists inspired talent to get better and journalists to dig deeper into their critical thought. In this video, you will find numerous soundbites from Kael and…

module 3: Critics Talk Film Criticism

There is no one single way to review, critique or evaluate films, but here are some tips from those (past and present) who offer tips, thoughts and ideas on how to get engaged in understanding film on a deeper level.