Dialogue and Response Assignment (Due March 22)

You should reach out to a staff member at the Rose Library (library@clevelandcc.edu , 704.669.4024, library.clevelandcc.edu) and ask for a tutorial and/or guidance on the use of online and physical resources and references.

Research, Writing & Responses (March 18-25)

You will have two focused assignments. NOTE: These assignments cannot wait until the last minute; it will take dedicated time and effort to complete these by the deadline:

Module 6 -Notes, Reminders, Assignments and Observations

Your dialogue/response post for this week will be due March 8. Included in those lessons is Blind Film Critic Jay Forry, The use of  sound, music and silence, as well as interviews with multiple film  composers (including Oscar winners) at the bottom of the response page, and an exploration of “The Musical.”  

Response Post: The Introduction

(Due Feb. 2) Explore the materials within Blackboard (Bb) and the Film Critics Website we’ll use (thefilmcritic.blog) including: Syllabus (Course Description Expectations)  Schedule Course Resources  Semester Project Overview Thefilmcritic.blog Upcoming Readings & Assignments **After you have explored the Bb site, Our Film Critic site, and the available materials, address one of the following prompts. Copy the prompt, add…

Ch. 14 Dialogue and Response

After engaging in Chapter 10 resources covering Children films, YA and Coming of Age Films, the art of production design…