(Module 8) Editing: The Invisible Artform


The editor of a film is the unsung hero, the master behind the magic, and the puzzle chief. The editor brings the final vision of the film to life for the director. Editing is used to advance story, to influence audience reactions, to enhance understanding of character, and among other things, to immerse the audience into the setting, the situation or the emotional interactions of the story.

The Rocket Jump Film School project offers a great 12-minute overview of the uses of editing to tell the story.

This article from Alexander Huls and Frame I/O Insider explores: Editing Insights and Analysis of Six Masterpieces using video and editing analysis to provide an inside lesson on filmmaking and the power of editing.

From Baby Driver, to Jaws, to Raging Bull … this article explores the power of this artform. Check it out:



The impact of film editing brings together the narrative, acting, sound design, sound mixing, script and the director’s vision into a product for audiences. This interview with film editor Billy Fox explores his work and tips in editing. The article is called the Invisible Art of Film Editing   and was written by Serena Fox for Adobe Creative Magazine. Read it for a clearer understanding of the purpose and impact of editing for interpretation:  https://create.adobe.com/2017/11/6/the_invisible_art_of_film_editing.html


Film editor Wyatt Smith has worked on projects like Mary Poppins Returns, Dr. Strange, Thor: The Dark World, The Pirates of the Caribbean franchise Into the Woods, & dozens of music documentaries. On this edition of Cinemascene he shares his journey with Noel T. Manning II on WGWG.org.

John Ottman is an Oscar-winner had is a dual-talent as both composer and editor. Here he talks about his work on his Academy-Award-winning work on Bohemian Rhapsody.


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