(Module 9) Writing Assignment Due March 23


Due March 23 (by 11:59 pm) 

Write a 550-650 word Review using the structure for creating a captivating title for your film and the 600-words guidelines.The final written review should be posted to your film journal blog, or emailed to me in a word doc, Google doc. or PDF (extra credit may be applied for using all the blog post tools we’ve used previously  – links, tags, photos).

Your choices for this review can be from the following:

Note: Your choice can only be a film you haven’t reviewed for the class in a written assignment. 

1.. Science fiction and Disaster Films (make sure you apply some of the terminology or ideas you learned from the chapter on either disasters or sci-fi when writing this review)

2. Superhero Genre Films  (examine the human elements of the superhero film and how it can be applied to reality)

4. Epic films    – Many epic films are based on true stories, are biopics, or are adapted. Use your understandings of these from previous chapters and apply to this review. 

5. Your Semester Project Film – This is your chance to focus your writing and reviewing concepts on your semester project film by using the 600-word guideline to assist you.

** Your grade will be based on how well you follow the guidelines and how well you present your evaluation.  Here is a 600-word-evaluation-rubric to guide you as well. 

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